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Students at Ellendel learn how to articulate themselves with vocal and physical confidence.

At Ellendel we understand the importance of being able to communicate with people confidently, to engage fluently in conversations and the ability to present oneself to a room full of people. These are all skills that people can learn from an early age and that will stand to them throughout their adult working lives. At Ellendel, we promise to develop the social skills that will help to enrich your child’s life in the future.

The Ellendel School of Speech and Drama is regularly contacted by casting agents and television programmes to take part in productions. Some students in our school have been part of programmes on the CBBC.

The Ellendel School of Speech and Drama was founded in 2016.

Students are taught imaginative and technical skills to develop a clear and audible speaking voice. Our classes teach students to use their voice and body language to communicate effectively. As passionate teachers of Speech and Drama, our goal is to help students grow as confident and articulate communicators.

Students enrolled in our school and who attend our weekly classes, benefit from a carefully planned calendar of events throughout the year. We prepare students for local festivals and competitions, exams and in-house performances.

The Ellendel School of Speech and Drama is regularly contacted by casting agents and television programmes to take part in productions. Some students in our school have been part of programmes on the CBBC.

Our classes

  • Are fun
  • Help improve communication skills
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Promote teamwork
  • Foster social skills
  • Provide a safe environment for students to express themselves
  • Foster an appreciation of poems, prose and drama
  • Are taught in small groups and adapted to suit the needs of everyone

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Our Speech and Drama classes are split up into:

SEEDLINGS (4-7 year olds)

Our seedling speech programme lays the foundation for clear, expressive and self-assured communication. We work on: creativity and imagination; conversational skills; fundamentals of effective speech presentation; improvisation and storytelling. We also prepare this age group to sit the Entry level LAMDA examinations.


SPROUTS (7 - 10)

Our primary speech and drama programme builds children’s confidence in public speaking, mainly through group performances. We work on students’ oral communication through a variety of speech based activities:

  • Breathing techniques for public speaking
  • How to correctly use the voice for articulation
  • A variety of oral presentations - including verse and prose, reading for performance and public speaking
  • Spontaneity and improvisation skills
  • Speech theory and its application to student’s own practical presentations
  • Preparation for the LAMDA examinations.


SHOOTS (11 plus)

This programme introduces students to more advanced literary texts and theory on speech. Students develop their:

  • Use of gesture, pace, pitch, tone and rhetorical devices for emphasis
  • Use different ways to convey action, character, atmosphere and tension when they are scripting and performing in plays (for example, through dialogue, movement, and pace)
  • Understanding in how the structure and organisation of scenes and plays support the dramatic effect
  • Skills at evaluating critically the intentions and performance of dramas
  • Skills at extracting meaning beyond the literal, explaining how the choice of language and style affects implied and explicit meanings
  • Ability to read and appreciate the scope and richness of complete novels, plays and poems
  • Understand the author’s craft – how techniques, structure, forms and styles vary

We prepare students in this group for the LAMDA examinations in Bronze, Silver and Gold for both Verse and Prose and Public Speaking.

Professional Qualifications

We prepare students to take the LAMDA examinations in Verse and Prose, Public Speaking and Acting. We also have links to other universities and will prepare students to take exams from other universities if there is a preference.

In the UK, the LCM graded exams are accredited by OfqualDCELLS and CCEA at Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the National Qualifications Framework, and UCAS points are awarded for higher grades

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